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free-swimming mostly freshwater flatworms

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TEHRAN (FNA)- Researchers announced the discovery of a gene zic-1 that enables stem cells to regrow a head after decapitation in flatworm planarians.
Notes On The Planarian Worms Obtained On The Upper Wellington
The ability to follow individual neoblasts opens the door to uncovering the molecular cues that help planarian stem cells navigate to the site of injury and ultimately may allow scientists to provide therapeutic stem cells with guideposts to their correct destination.
The team, from the University of Nottingham's School of Biology, is studying two types of planarian flatworms that can regenerate muscles, skin, guts and brains through a unique process of cell division.
Levin's group has taken the observation to a new level and has shown that manipulating electrical properties of cells can produce strange results, such as this four-headed planarian worm.
Contributors are actively involved with the development and use of planarian model systems.
In this study, our main interest was to demonstrate the high level of neurobiological development of the Onychophora, as shown by the presence of cephalic ganglion, well-differentiated neurons characterized by a high production of synaptic vesicles, and having a proportionality of their cytoplasm and nucleus very much similar to that of planarian neurons (Reuter 1981, Biserova et al.
Because planarian stem cells share characteristics with those of humans, the work will aid scientists to understand how stem cells can completely repair damaged tissues and organs.
Andy Lavender, Maryville High School, Title: A Study of Planarian Memory.
Chop a planarian into two pieces and each piece will develop the missing parts and become a separate planarian; the bead of one (or the left side) is identical to the corresponding part of the original; the tail of the other (or the right side) is identical to the tall of the original.