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Synonyms for cryptography

the science of analyzing and deciphering codes and ciphers and cryptograms

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Every server in the company's infrastructure uses the same root password which is also stored in plaintext in every VM.
In order to verify the correlations between the plaintext image and encrypted image pixels, 1000 adjacent pixels in the image are selected for comparison randomly in the horizontal direction, vertical and diagonal directions respectively.
In a world filled with Browser Security Flaws, Malevolent Global Hackers, Cookie Tracking, Data Mining, Plaintext Email, Search Engine Pattern Analysis, Governmental Overwatch and Social Media Analytics, the Internet has become an Orwellian, Automated Surveillance State.
In most cases it is either plaintext or poorly hashed with an obsolete hashing algorithm, like MDS.
The story, board, list of moves, and Martin Gardner's annotations comprise the elements necessary to a cipher: a plaintext, a key, and a ciphertext.
Replace every musical letter in the plaintext with its precise pitch equivalent.
Sony stored over 1,000,000 passwords of its customers in plaintext, which means it's just a matter of taking it.
We not only have the 72k users of this site but also over 40k plaintext credit cards including CCVs, names and expiry dates," it added.
Through this initiative, SpiderOak is promoting the importance of a higher level of privacy by fundamentally redefining access to plaintext data.
This cost-effective approach permits programs to access data that is not sensitive since this data will remain as plaintext.
We'll take a look at two great text editors for mobile that will sync with your Dropbox account: PlainText for iOS and Epistle for Android.
Their main sources of information were visual observation by land-based search aircraft and submarines, interrogations of captured airmen, analysis of combat experience, and intercepts of plaintext messages.
They also critically examined different type of DNA steganography systems, and showed that in certain cases such schemes may not cryptographically secure, and can be broken with certain assumptions on the entropy of the plaintext messages.
1996) (defining cryptanalysis as the 'science of recovering the plaintext of a message without access to the key').
2) Preprocessing Plaintext: This Algorithm performs transformation on plaintext so as to suitable to give as ANN input