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(United Kingdom) a written statement of the grounds of complaint made to court of law asking for the grievance to be redressed

a cry of sorrow and grief

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Bring in brother John, and let him hear the plaints which have been urged against him.
For three days this blinding headache lasted, and he suffered as wild animals suffer, as it seemed the way on ship to suffer, without plaint, without sympathy, utterly alone.
And when thou sayest, "I have no longer a conscience in common with you," then will it be a plaint and a pain.
The plaint of the gravel travelled slowly all round the drive.
Here and there a coolie would fall on his knees as if begging for mercy; several, whom the excess of fear made unruly, were hit with hard fists between the eyes, and cowered; while those who were hurt submitted to rough handling, blinking rapidly without a plaint.
Within, the sea, as if agitated by an internal commotion, leaped in peaked mounds that jostled each other, slapping heavily against her sides; and a low moaning sound, the infinite plaint of the storm's fury, came from beyond the limits of the menacing calm.
During that time I remembered the evening of his atrocious confession--the plaint she seemed to have hardly enough life left in her to utter, "It is impossible to be more unhappy.
I know you well," returned the Doctor, on whom the plaint of the old man produced no visible impression.
To all these com- plaints, no matter how unjust, the slave must an- swer never a word.
Thus he resolv'd, but first from inward griefe His bursting passion into plaints thus pour'd:
Plaints made in common are almost prayers, and prayers where two or three are gathered together invoke the mercy of heaven.
But then came the days of sadness, when Adam was someway on in his teens, and Thias began to loiter at the public-houses, and Lisbeth began to cry at home, and to pour forth her plaints in the hearing of her sons.
Then on the bank of Jordan, by a creek, Where winds with reeds and osiers whispering play, Plain fishermen (no greater men them call), Close in a cottage low together got, Their unexpected loss and plaints outbreathed:-- "Alas, from what high hope to what relapse Unlooked for are we fallen
Amused, at first, at these plaints, he provoked them for fun.
She remembered, dimly, the blight of hard times in the past, and the plaints of fathers and mothers in those days returned to her with a new significance.