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Synonyms for plainspoken

Synonyms for plainspoken

using simple and direct language

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characterized by directness in manner or speech

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In its plainspokenness and emotional sincerity, it has a homely beauty that's more chilling and memorable than all of Eady's coolly constructed verbiage.
Our recent Vermont Senator's change of status brought about comments about Vermont's historic plainspokenness.
The lack of irony and the plainspokenness of Thiebaud's canvases lift them out of the temporality of satire.
People will learn that, `Gee, there's a lot to Ford,''' Smith said, talking of his ``integrity, plainspokenness and courage.
These he conceived as his summum opus, combining his ideas of simplicity and plainspokenness with a lifelong achievement in impressionist poetics, all within the framework of the sonnet, the token of the pinnacle of high-art achievement in Western poetry.
The plainspokenness, the unraised voice, are quite in keeping with the look of the lighthouse in its New England setting.
His Yankee plainspokenness and his deployment (particularly during the '40s and early '50s) of found elements such as children's drawings find an echo in Donald Baechler's etiolated accumulations of similar stuff.