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Synonyms for plainspoken

Synonyms for plainspoken

using simple and direct language

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characterized by directness in manner or speech

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But its brains inevitably work at odds with Cather's own, which had little use for overt psychologizing, inspirational uplift or the blunt melo-dramatic-incident--the plainspoken nose-to-plow nature of her protagonists would have been embarrassed or baffled by any such things.
Director David Lynch (yup, ``The Blue Velvet'' guy) keeps the subject from becoming an exercise in cornball sentimentality, and veteran actor Richard Farnsworth gives the performance of the year as a plainspoken old-timer.
He is thoughtful and well spoken and able to describe technologies in a very plainspoken, understandable way.
Smith Goes to Washington" and said that like the fictitious Jefferson Smith, he wanted to be a plainspoken representative of the people.
Yu's multifaceted film is at once a recounting of Darger's threadbare biography, an intelligent but plainspoken analysis of his achievement, and a cinematic adaptation of his oeuvre.
Alvin has seen some tragedy and made some mistakes - after all, he hasn't spoken to his brother for 10 years - and these imperfections render him less of an aged Buddha than a plainspoken old man who has learned some lessons the hard way.
The materials include an Owner's Manual, Activity Book and a quarterly newsletter, Dollar Digest, which all combine plainspoken descriptions of investment concepts with games and fun money-making ideas.
The presentation is plainspoken in this regard: Galleries are marked frankly by the predominant material of the work displayed ("Latex," "Fiberglass"); one room's organizing principle is simply called "Materiality as Subject.
When he's not employing his patented, somewhat flowery oration, Valenti can be quite plainspoken.
Joe Redington, a plainspoken homesteader who was the chief organizer of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race in its early days, died of cancer of the esophagus at his home in Knik, Alaska.
Holding court on Carnegie Hall's cavernous stage for the better part of two hours, DiFranco exuded a plainspoken grace and a genuine appreciation for her audience -- whose vociferous adulation she soaked up without a shred of pandering.
Aiyana Elliott's documentary about her demi-legend of a folksinger father, The Ballad of Ramblin' Jack (which opens nationally this month), is the kind of plainspoken memoir-cum-biography you might stumble across on PBS some uneventful night and gradually get caught up in, the rhythms of its unspooling anecdotes seducing you against your will.
Ventura, on the other hand, is an appealingly colorful mixture of affable bravado and plainspoken drive.
But his wife's passing and a second marriage have evidently loosened him up -- he's plainspoken but garrulous.