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Synonyms for plainspoken

Synonyms for plainspoken

using simple and direct language

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characterized by directness in manner or speech

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Like its successor, "Nebraska," "Darkness" is a rural record in that it evokes plainspoken Americans within a landscape that is both vast and particular.
He was trenchant and plainspoken, a Kansas City native who had made his way to Harvard, where he discovered Stein's work, and then to Paris.
Even if we do not buy into everything Vlahos presents as proof positive, we must surely acknowledge that reliance on a plainspoken, candid, direct narrator is naive, a misunderstanding of his ethos and idiom.
While most of the book is composed in the syntactically straightforward, plainspoken free verse mode that has been the stock-in-trade not only of Zieroth, but of most Canadian poets of his generation, he makes significant departures from it here.
Businesses and the government are just coming up to speed and realizing that these social networking tools are great ways to communicate," he said, praising the TSA blog's casual, plainspoken voice.
He directed his speechwriters in the morning to be more plainspoken narrative, hoping to tell the story of his presidency in a way to rekindle the energy he harnessed for his historic election.
The prime minister's plainspoken speech, replete with illustrative real-life examples, no doubt impressed upon many people the fact that the nation has a new government.
The author's plainspoken musings sometimes translate into brutal honesty, such as when he tells about losing his virginity to a hooker or shares his experiences with bullying at boarding school and, later in the book, his thoughts about suicide and feelings of loneliness.
Like its author, Fidelity is plainspoken, warm, contrary, and wise.
A humorous statement said in a plainspoken way--deadpan.
Matthias, in contrast, tends towards a Midwestern flatness, a plainspoken idiom that only occasionally rises to lyrical heights, and which is liable to achieve its most impressive effects through patient accrual rather than vatic leaps.
But it certainly paints a fuller, much more complex picture than the official narrative of the plainspoken woman of the people cum political reformer who just wants to clean up the mess in Washington.
And though he describes his tone as "bitter," the blog is almost dry, the plainspoken facts of closure after closure graven enough.