plains pocket gopher

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gopher of chiefly grasslands of central North America

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In September 2012, a disturbed dry sand prairie on the east flank of Devil's Tower was searched for plains pocket gopher mounds.
Furthermore, approximately one-third of female plains pocket gophers collected in Missouri during March and April were pregnant (Pitts and Choate 1997).
The plains pocket gopher (Geomys bursarius) is listed as special concern in Indiana.
This subspecies was possibly isolated by a glaciation event and subsequent retreat from an ancestral form of a plains pocket gopher occurring from the Ozark highlands to the western foothills of the Appalachian Mountains (Elrod et al.
We selected MCPs so that area estimates could be compared to other studies of plains pocket gopher (e.
The Llano pocket gopher, Geomys texensis, was only recently recognized as a species distinct from the plains pocket gopher, Geomys bursarius, by Block & Zimmerman (1991).
Plains pocket gopher (Geomys bursarius) were in 33% of the 9 adult badgers obtained in Minnesota, which includes the range of this species.
The occurrence of the plains pocket gopher is well documented throughout much of the Texas Panhandle (Davis & Schmidly 1994).
The plains pocket gopher is usually one of the most abundant mammal fossils found in Pleistocene deposits of this region (Dalquest & Schultz 1992).
Sites Moore Waco Mammoth Laubach Friesenhahn Species Pit Site Cave Cave Sorex cinereus Masked shrew Blarina brevicauda x Short-tailed shrew Cynomys ludovicianus x + Black-tailed prairie dog Geomys bursarius + + + Plains pocket gopher Thomomys bottae Botta's pocket gopher Peromyscus nasutus x Rock mouse Baiomys taylori Northern pygmy mouse Onychomys leucogaster Short-tailed grasshopper mouse Microtus ochrogaster Prairie vole Microtus pennsylvanicus Meadow vole Microtus sp.
Gestation is thought to last four or five weeks (Schmidly, 1983), but even this assumption is suspect given the revelation regarding gestation in the related plains pocket gopher, G.
The plains pocket gopher, Geomys bursarius, is a medium-sized, stocky, short-legged rodent that ranges from southern Manitoba southward through the central plains to southern Texas (Hall, 1981).
Implanting radio transmitters in plains pocket gophers.