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Synonyms for plainness

Synonyms for plainness

the state of being unmixed with other material

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clarity as a consequence of being perspicuous

an appearance that is not attractive or beautiful

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Is there a 'Lives of the Saints' quality to the plainness, or is it just plain?
MOSES ALAO writes on allegations of a hidden agenda by the affected workers and the insistence by the state government that exercise was with altruism and plainness.
The plain and unornamented body of Dervish reflects the purity and plainness of these dresses and also the ritual itself.
Sleed, the other first-person narrator, shares his experiences of tank warfare with a disarming plainness.
The soup itself is creamy and thick, while the spiciness of the lobster plays beautifully against the plainness of the vegetable.
Served topped with a highly acidic balsamic glaze which cut across the plainness of the dish, it was that and the waspish buzz of the ratatouille chutney that brought this to life - with a viscous consistency there was little distinction to the cheese and perhaps an applewood or other smoked variety would give the souffle itself a little more vibrancy.
depending on an appropriate interpretation of the image(s), no surface decoration may in itself be a design feature, eg Apple's CRD subtly indicated the plainness and transparency of the surface by using short lines to suggest the incidence of light.
The style unites the craftsman sensibility of Scandinavian design and Frank Lloyd Wright with the uncompromising geometric plainness of Bauhaus.
Bare concrete walls create a cool foundation to build on - their plainness will mean your furniture becomes the main focus and make the space feel light.
The first sentences of Albert Camus' The Stranger are one of the most famous opening gambits in literature, combining absolute plainness with a mysterious kind of threat.
It was an instant attraction, a visceral kind of pull that she felt to its whiteness, its absolute plainness.
The toys' plainness promotes creative and imaginative play.
But surely there is not a highway in that city as ghastly as the Coventry Road, a monstrously wide route designed for cars rather than people and lined by buildings of unremitting plainness.