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a detective who wears civilian clothes on duty

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Homosexual indecently assaults plainclothesman in High Park; pays $200 to escape jail term' Justice Weekly 3 July 1971, 3
Moreover, "[t]o determine whether the plainclothesman said 'hello' first, or whether the woman did, whether she exposed her person or not, is not worthy of the dignity of the judicial robe and is certainly not an attack upon the roots of the evil.
But orthodox doctrine unfortunately neglects the other victim -- the man frowning across the street, the plainclothesman trying to save someone, the innocent bystander.
Other subjects might very well have been amused by the clownish man with a cigar and flash, or, at the least, they went along with the joke, like the jolly plainclothesman who shows off his catch, a dwarf arrested for selling "French postcards.
A plainclothesman beside him said: "Please stand up and put your shoes on.
The agent, a plainclothesman who drove an unmarked car, wasn't much older than I.
plainclothesman for security, Brown charged into the Ritz music club (formerly Studio 54) for an onstage gig with the B-52's, Kim Basinger and Richie Havens (the ticket price was $20).
Once in a blue moon, inquiring after somebody reported as lost in London and last seen in the vicinity of the British Museum, the police would send a plainclothesman on a bicycle to look in at Busto's apartment house, much as they might have glanced into a disused well or dragged a pond--perfunctorily, as a matter of routine.
The dealer had attempted to murder the plainclothesman he disarmed, but had failed because of the proprietary nature of the thumb safety.
Beck slowly turned his head, and saw a plainclothesman with what he recognized as a SIG pistol and a blue windbreaker of the kind he knew plainclothes officers in the community to often keep in their patrol cars.