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copied and passed off as your own

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In a rambling, plagiaristic manifesto posted just before his killing spree began, Breivik says the Knights Templar, a medieval order of crusading warriors, lent modern renown by Dan Brown's best-sellers, had been re-formed in London in 2002.
He quotes Book Three of Metamorphoses (in Rolfe Humphries's translation) to highlight Echo's appropriative and plagiaristic utterances in contradistinction to Narcissus' confessional expressivity:
Zamel further problematizes the presumptive notion that students are consciously and purposely engaging in plagiaristic behavior, by contextualizing why students from different cultural, pedagogical, or even personal backgrounds may resort to styles of writing that may be regarded by others as involving plagiarism.
There have been allegations that Saif's work was plagiaristic in content.
Given this backdrop of a plagiaristic society and the seemingly dire circumstances that the students seemed to have faced, is there anything that Professor Reynolds could have done with his course requirements or when he first met with his classes in order to minimize the potential for plagiarism?
As our worries about students' plagiaristic behavior evolve with changing times, perhaps our own view of intertextuality is due to evolve as well.
Having ceased to disparage Asian contemporary art as plagiaristic of a Western vision of modernism, we must now reckon with the idea that Western modernism was in some ways plagiaristic of Asia.
But most modern tattoos are fundamentally dishonest - and plagiaristic.
Are there ideas or tips here we can use to help students in specific disciplines do focused research as opposed to plagiaristic "pick any topic" assignments?
Most importantly, transplanting the norms from the foreign law should be strategic rather than expedient, thoughtful rather than unperceptive, creative rather than plagiaristic.
12-13)): 'he was not of woman born' (32) That reviewers did not sneer at this version as plagiaristic is mainly due to the general poetic quality of MacDonald's rendering and its fluency, which made it easier to speak.
But as my search for documentation of Beresford's identity proved inconclusive, (10) I turned to a comparative analysis that revealed numerous, literary affinities between the two works, and that strongly supported my theory of a plagiaristic link from Beresford to Tarchetti.
Smolka's music is original and in no sense plagiaristic or derivative (at the very least from the end of the 1980s).
A: The thing I can't swallow about them is how incredibly plagiaristic they are, by their own admission.
Through these moments, the narrator subtly discloses his own plagiaristic bent, which appears to be underwritten by an irresistible cosmic force.