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Synonyms for plagiarist

one who illicitly reproduces the artistic work, for example, of another

Synonyms for plagiarist

someone who uses another person's words or ideas as if they were his own

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Institutional usage of plagiarism detection software, legislative support to applying sanctions to the accused plagiarist, and retractions of the plagiarised articles from literature can be instrumental in arresting the growth of this form of research misconduct.
The man was such a brazen, serial plagiarist that he even (hold on to your hat) cribbed material from Ovid.
In both cases, the plagiarists insisted (huffily) that they had never even seen my work (sort of like the Trump campaign originally denying that any part of Melania's speech was derived from Michelle Obama's).
In a heavy import scenario, the plagiarist locates one or more existing documents consistent with a topic and writing task, but usually a little beyond the subject matter expertise/ interest of the faculty mentor.
The plagiarist takes on an identity that is not their own in an effort to achieve or facilitate something, which limits the victims' ability to freely display their identity unimpeded.
The real and online world was all agog with shock and fading awe as the alleged plagiarist shunned the limelight after the apology to his publishers and the public.
In the Renaissance this led Macrobius to be criticized by some as a second-rate author, a mere encyclopedist, even a plagiarist, to be read for his invaluable content, but grudgingly.
In fact, the plagiarist, by obfuscating some of the history of her own text, actually denies the diverse sources that furnish the proof of its multivalent nature.
That this is stated openly requires us to think differently about Gauguin: not as a plagiarist, but as someone who allows us to sense that he worked always with the already written.
He's a plagiarist, and his name and voice are fake," the Telegraph quoted her as saying.
Once a plagiarist tried to steal me but I ran and ran
His co-host, Mika Brzezinski, and a stable of regulars that includes the plagiarist Mike Barnicle and the John Demjanjuk enthusiast Pat Buchanan are a genuinely spirited crew who discuss and debate the news of the day with a rare mixture of conviction, knowledge, and humor.
CAIRO: Al-Qaeda number two Ayman Al-Zawahri is a plagiarist who worked for Sudanese intelligence before his handlers grew tired of his jokes, his former spiritual mentor has claimed in a newspaper article.
In "Plato among the Plagiarists: The Plagiarist as Perpetrator and Victim," Richard England of Salisbury University provides a background for the concept of plagiarism, distinguishes between types of unintentional and intentional plagiarism, and argues that expulsion of intentional plagiarists is a benefit not so much to the academic community as to the offending students, who might then learn to seek "an honest relationship with learning.
Is the plagiarist claiming your content is their own, or are they using it without permission but attributing it to you?