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Synonyms for plagiarised

copied and passed off as your own

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Officials told Dawn that the plagiarism committee in November found Dr Khan's PhD thesis to be heavily plagiarised and recommended the cancellation of his degree, which was issued by the University of Peshawar.
e Motown legend's children Frankie and Nona successfully won a lawsuit last week claiming the duo plagiarised their father's 1977 hit Got To Give It Up.
As many as 27 submissions were found to have less than 25 per cent plagiarised content," said S.
Provider of web-based solutions for plagiarism prevention iParadigms LLC on Wednesday said it has released automated translation technology which allows its product Turnitin to identify potentially plagiarised content which has been translated.
When asked why they still plagiarized even when they knew their papers will be checked through the software, 75% of the students reported that they reduced the amount of material plagiarised from the web and just copied small portions into their papers sparingly because they believed that they could still get away with that kind of cheating since it was at a lower scale.
Some faked illness to have results upgraded, asked to go to the toilet where they had notes hidden, plagiarised from the web, hid notes in pencil cases, used stand-ins to take their exams and pretended a relative had died.
Mike is furious when he realises Zoe has plagiarised his story (and exposed it to the world), and tells Adrian, who fails her.
A BANGOR University professor told a medical panel how celebrity psychiatrist Raj Persaud plagiarised work for his own book.
TELLY shrink Raj Persaud has been branded "extremely stupid" by a professor whose work he plagiarised.
TV psychiatrist Dr Raj Persaud today admitted using plagiarised material in a book and articles.