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take without referencing from someone else's writing or speech

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In effect students felt they were justified to plagiarise and cheat because they felt the courses developed were too difficult for them.
I come from an industry which knows a bit about this - the three golden rules of journalism being: 1, Plagiarise; 2, Plagiarise; 3, Plagiarise.
Each school has significant powers to penalise students found to breach university regulations, although the university also places great emphasis on providing guidance and support so students are not tempted to plagiarise.
But UK exam regulator Ofqual warned: "There are serious penalties for those who plagiarise, copy or collude so we strongly advise pupils not to use sites that promote this.
AN Indian court has blocked a new TV series until it can settle a claim by British author Barbara Taylor Bradford that the programme plagiarises one of her novels.