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Synonyms for placidness

Synonyms for placidness

a feeling of calmness


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I glanced away from the romantic scene for a moment and scanned the horizon of the lake before me, searching for any signs the placidness of the water would soon be disturbed.
As Kulick (1992:19), an ethnographer of Taiap (PNG) states, 'All good qualities--generosity, placidness, cooperativeness, willingness to work hard and to help others with their work--emerge from and are evidence of one's save.
And as I made my way from the placidness of the Quakers into living my life as a Jew it became more and more evident where the source of my feelings of Jewish inadequacy were located: in food.
This is no place for the unwary sailor, as when the weather is fiche, the waters can change quickly from its deceptive placidness to a turbulent morass.