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Synonyms for placidity

Synonyms for placidity

a feeling of calmness


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a disposition free from stress or emotion

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Sophia Antonovna glanced up the grounds at the house and shook her head, then out of the gate at the brimful placidity of the lake.
I took the liberty,' said Mr Dorrit again, with the magnificent placidity of one who was above correction, 'to solicit the favour of a little private conversation with you, because I feel rather worried respecting my--ha--my younger daughter.
He said it so tauntingly in his perfect placidity, that the respectable right-hand clutching the respectable hair-guard of the respectable watch could have wound it round his throat and strangled him with it.
He had a great red pipe in his mouth, and was smoking, and staring at the rush-light, in a state of enviable placidity.
I have often wondered whether those early Madonnas of Raphael, with the blond faces and somewhat stupid expression, kept their placidity undisturbed when their strong-limbed, strong-willed boys got a little too old to do without clothing.
Gritty aesthetics of different urban contexts including the city and suburban railway provide frameworks for films such as Dombivli Fast, while the pastoral placidity of the exclusive town of Panchgani hides dystopian family dynamics in Being Cyrus.
They can handle most situations with aplomb, and respond to strangers with tolerance and placidity.
We have failed to carry forward those traditions of resistance and this absence has resulted in the placidity that we experience today in America.
THE placidity of Lord Street, Southport, was disturbed yesterday by the spectacle of a smartly-dressed, middle-aged man and a neatly-attired young woman running at great speed across the thoroughfare closely pursued by a commissionaire in uniform.
His mind is far nearer to the animal world than that of the European or Asiatic, and exhibits something of the animals' placidity and want of desire to rise beyond the state he has reached.
This suggests that Timon has a diseased brain that has ultimately emasculated his corporeal surface and verbal placidity.
There is no placidity or order that can be built on dishonest dealings and utterances.
Mr Hunt, for all his seeming placidity, has proved to be a Health Secretary with a mission, as doctors are about to find out.
Aram I welcomed the presidential call provided that dialogue and reconciliation takes place in an atmosphere of placidity devoid of troubles and foreign intervention.
For Dunsany's artistic purposes, the placidity and timelessness he associated with China came to supersede contemporary China's social and political struggles.