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a miner who extracts minerals from a placer by washing or dredging

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Hong (1978) is a principal source for the extensive but poorly recognized contributions of Chinese placer miners to the Cariboo community in the twentieth century.
Usibelli, like placer miner Edgerton, is concerned with reclamation, now called restoration.
Placer miners say they're trying to shut them down.
Nearly a decade ago, Larson formed Goldstream Exploration to develop innovative technologies for water recycling, land reclamation and energy efficiency, all of which would help increase the amount of gold recovered by Alaska's placer miners.
The segment of the Alaska mining industry that continues to struggle is the small placer miner.
The brothers were placer miners, scouring creek bottoms for gold nuggets that washed downstream.
Placer miners initially panned and worked the streams, then blasted shafts through frozen gravel and clay using steam injection points to reach the pay zone at the bedrock surface.
As long as [the regulations] remain reasonable and predictable, I think the outlook for placer miners is bright.
During the previous summer, Pleistocene mammal bones had been exposed by placer miners Bernie and Ron Johnson in the same area on an ancient grassy surface approximately 9 m below the present surface.
In a state of such vast size and opportunity, it would follow that there are many independent individuals and small-scale placer miners out working these sites.
Steffy says mining in the state at the time was mostly performed by placer miners with small operations.
This number is considered a minimum because much of the gold recovered was not reported and, of course, placer miners are still actively mining gold more than 100 years after the initial discovery in 1896.
or more of gold each year from shallow alluvial deposits by 200-300 illegal placer miners, or porknockers as they are called.
Dating back to 1898, Nome has seen placer miners on beaches and inland recover more than a million troy ounces of gold in the years 1898 to 1985.
Most of the diamond finds were reported by placer miners, having discovered the glassy gems in their concentrate.