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Effects of bisphenol A (BPA) on placentation and survival of the neonates in mice.
Uterine instrumentation, previous cesarean section, and other procedures causing myometrial scarring all increase the risk of abnormal placentation (1, 2).
These adverse effects led to defective decidualization, placentation, and ultimately compromised pregnancy outcome.
Occult placenta accreta: the missing link in the diagnosis of abnormal placentation.
The failure of communication between trophoblast cells and decidual immune cells in the placenta, results in poor placentation which leads to poor remodeling of spiral arteries, systemic inflammatory response, dysfunctional maternal endothelium, poor placental oxygenation and hypoxic conditions.
Placentation occurs from about weeks 6 to 18 of pregnancy and involves remodeling of the uterine spiral arteries, which supply the blood flow to the placenta.
Reproduction, placentation and embryonic development of the Atlantic sharpnose shark, Rhizoprionodon terraenovae.
Pathophysiology of Placentation Abnormalities in Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension," Journal of Vascular Health and Risk Management 6 (2006) 1301-13, at 1302.
The data are compatible with the menstruation preconditioning hypothesis put forward by Brosens et al (76) and may explain the decrease in the risk of defective deep placentation and, in the absence of pregnancy, an increase in the risk of peritoneal endometriosis.
However, it is likely that placentation in early pregnancy is affected.
4 mm long, white, margins minutely lacerate; ovary elliptic, 18-20 x 9-10 mm, green, glabrous, slightly sulcate; placentation central-apical; ovules cylindrical, obtuse; epigynous tube ca.
Kaessmann, "Loss of Egg Yolk Genes in Mammals and the Origin of Lactation and Placentation," PLoS Biology 6 (2006): 0507-17.
of Quebec at Montreal, Canada) and Vaillancourt (Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique, France) present 18 papers detailing protocols for studying human embryogenesis, covering in vitro systems of investigation of implantation and placentation, study of the development of the embryo to the fetus, and new in vitro fertilization and cloning methods.
Excess soluble VEGFR-1 (a product of alternative splicing of VEGFR-1 also referred to as sVEGFR-1 or sFLT-1) inhibits placental cytotrophoblast differentiation and invasion and contributes to the abnormal placentation associated with preeclampsia.