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We speculated that the absence of this uterine activation might result in abnormal placentation in a subsequent pregnancy.
Folate is important for female reproduction vis-a-vis oocyte quality and maturation, implantation, placentation, fetal growth, and organ development.
Patients who did not need hysterectomy because of noted clinical signs of physiologic placentation were considered normal.
pylori, that might influence vascularization and placentation during pregnancy, though they have not been studied well enough during this particular period.
Preeclampsia has a complex pathophysiology, the primary cause being abnormal placentation.
1 Although cases reported in the literature have described this event in unscarred and primigravid uterus;2 there have been strong associations with abnormal placentation,3 previous uterine instrumentation4 and congenital abnormality of the uterus.
Current findings demonstrated significant down-regulation of these biochemical indicators except BUN and AST during pregnancy period or at the placentation period and/or at the end of fetal growth of successful pregnancy in rabbits under backyard production system.
Studies now are focusing on sonographic measurement of the cesarean scar defect as a clinical predictor of outcome for future pregnancies, as uterine rupture and abnormal placentation, including cesarean scar ectopics, can be associated with it.
2010) Retrotransposon silencing by DNA methylation contributed to the evolution of placentation and genomic imprinting in mammals.
We will also empirically evaluate global models of evolutionary conservation patterns during embryogenesis and placentation.
Understanding the fundamental processes of placentation in different experimental animals, as well as the distinction of morphologies of their placentas, is undoubtedly needed for understanding the processes of human development [2].
Nevertheless It has been suggested before that transplacental transmission results from abnormal placentation as placental damage may permitting the maternal and fetal blood to mix or that reverse erythroblastosis fetalis may occur allowing parasites to cross the placenta (Phipps and Otter 2004).