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However, temporary removal of the uterus from the abdominal cavity (exteriorization) has been postulated as a valuable technique for repair of the uterine incision (hysterorrhaphy) after delivery of the newborn and placental removal.
Use of intrauterine herbal treatment is a recent approach and hence the present study was planned to study the clinical events in parturated clinical cases and also to study the efficacy of herbal Ropitas (a) in expulsion of fetal membranes and subsequent uterine involution in parturated cases and to study its efficacy in placental retention cases with or without manual placental removal.
Occasionally with a placenta increta which fails to separate from the uterine wall after administration of oxytocin and in the absence of any bleeding, it is best not to attempt placental removal at all, but rather to leave it in situ and await spontaneous expulsion.
Proponents of manual removal suggest that faster placental removal leads to more rapid closure of the uterine incision and therefore less bleeding from this site.
Manual placental removal was undertaken if the placenta did not deliver within 60 minutes after delivery.
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