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Synonyms for placeholder

a person authorized to act for another

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a symbol in a logical or mathematical expression that can be replaced by the name of any member of specified set

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Sinofsky never mentioned that Metro was a code name, or enclosed it in quotation marks to mark it as a possible placeholder.
Nokia's flagship smartphone, the N8, has been spotted on T-Mobile UK with a placeholder page and a registration form for those looking to get an early start.
Each duplicate is replaced by a simple placeholder pointing to the original.
But conservatives can rejoice at least a little in the North Carolina results, as establishment placeholder Sen.
The Senate version contains placeholder language for the creation of an approval pathway, and legislation has been marked up by the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, but several political and procedural impediments may prevent it from being included in the final version of the FDA bill.
All is enclosed in a durable, water-resistant cover with placeholder flaps.
Obviously I'd rather have my name on the ballot, but Mark Foley, that name is a placeholder .
The directive will, in some ways, be a placeholder for Solvency II, which will apply EU-wide solvency standards for the insurance and reinsurance industry, with implementation likely in 2010.
Any attempt to assert the protagonist's interiority would, it seems, dissolve the film's fragile system of codes, exposing her gaze as an empty placeholder.
The school claims the words were used as an inappropriate placeholder that was overlooked before publication.
While taking pains to establish a viable position on iSCSI (more of a placeholder for future moves) Fibre Channel vendors introduced lower cost FC systems for the entry-level and midrange segment in an effort to win some of the mid-range market that iSCSI is claiming.
Smart Tags appear when a user enters text into a placeholder on a slide and offers formatting options such as fitting the text to the size of the placeholder or splitting the text between two slides.
SB 2023 is being used as a placeholder, or spot bill, and CalCPA anticipates that changes to the California Board of Accountancy's enforcement powers will be amended into the bill at the last minute.
As part of the resolution it passed at its May meeting, Council approved mailing to members for their approval a bylaw amendment that would permit the AICPA to offer the proposed global business professional credential (referred to by the placeholder name "XYZ") in a separate entity it will form.
will introduce a placeholder bill, the "Internet Tax Moratorium and Equity Act", to ensure a place on the Senate calendar for a consensus bill he, Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.