place of birth

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the place where someone was born

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Congress has deliberated and has concluded that United States citizens born in Jerusalem should be permitted to identify their place of birth as Israel," concludes the AJC brief.
The researchers conclude that the use of traditional, broad racial and ethnic categories in public health research obscures "significant heterogeneity" among black subgroups living in the United States and that place of birth is an important characteristic to include in studies of STD-related risk among black immigrants.
It identifies the bearer in terms of name, date of birth, place of birth, and most important of all, nationality.
Together, the evolutionary and epidemiologic data showed that a host's place of birth was highly predictive of the genetic identity of the M.
At the time of her death, there was some confusion about her true place of birth.
Patrick's place of birth somewhere near the mouth of the Severn River, meaning Ireland's patron saint was probably Welsh.
To find out whether a certain behavior was being reinforced in a certain region, the study questioned 114 members of the Ethiopian national athletics team and 111 Ethiopian controls on their place of birth, language, and distance and method of travel to school.
Like salmon, they return to their place of birth and eat nothing on their spawning run, though they do snap at lures, perhaps out of irritation or distraction.
The government's Terrorism Act 2000 has been amended to require all airlines and tour operators to obtain additional details of travellers, such as date and place of birth.
Plaid Cymru is the 'Party of Wales' and all the people irrespective of place of birth or first language.
The Tokyo police have learned through investigations that some Chinese are forming robbery gangs according to place of birth, the officials said, adding some Japanese gangsters are providing Chinese gangs with information about wealthy residents.
Whereas Richardson claimed Wilmington, North Carolina, as his place of birth, his family believes that his birthplace was more likely off the coast of South Carolina.
The custom-built archive enables visitors to search not just by name or date but also by hometown, place of birth, place of death, organization membership and numerous identifying criteria.