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the name by which a geographical place is known


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ACAMPAIGN to preserve historic Welsh place names has been given a boost after an Assembly report said the names should be protected in law.
The subject of the contract is the Name of the Archive of digitized place name collections for further processing.
Other MPs lamented the sale of books referring to the post-1974 place name versions.
In order to improve the precision of place name recognition, several strategies were taken to prepare the texts for gazetteer lookup and disambiguate georeferenced results.
It is also a sign that the actual place name is not fully understood - certainly I think in the case of Merthyr Tydfil and many other longer place names.
EMMA Bunton and Melanie C were determined to Spice things up - by going around nicking celebrity place names.
There is no way to go from a dot on the map to that place name in the text to learn more about who collected there and when.
All the Djabwurrung clans take their names from a place name (see Table 1.
AEINQRS: place names Qasrein, Qasrine, Sanqeir (all in NIMA database)
That is a place name that has come to be a codeword for the cynical sacrifice of small nations' freedom to great powers' spheres of influence.
But the original and unabridged version holds the honor of being the longest place name in the United States.
We may have in our collections a list of indigenous names provided by a surveyor, however we can't be sure that these accurately reflect the original Aboriginal place name.
The author explains what each place name means, what language it is derived from and when the use of the name was first recorded.
Toponyms have been a significant tool in the study of linguists cultural diffusion and historical antecedents to place name geography.