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(sports) a kick in which the ball is placed on the ground before kicking

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The aim of the study reported here was to quantify the relationship between projection velocity and projection angle in a rugby place kick and to see whether this relationship could account for the projection angle that is used (about 30[degrees]).
The main point that most people seem not to understand is that the rules for the place kick are the same as for the punt.
Beyond place kicks in Thursday's game, whichever kicker is used on kickoffs will also have a special challenge in Kansas State's return game, which ranks as the nation's best.
Each side selected five players to take place kicks from different points on the 22-metre line - first directly in front of the posts, then to the left and right and back to the centre.
85%)Goalkickers in Test matches since the Rugby World Cup final in 2003 who have taken ten or more shots at goal with place kicks for major nations (success rate in brackets)
Nuneaton came back into the match with two Cassell place kicks but a Ross Bullough try stemmed any momentum Nuneaton had gained.
He landed all his place kicks, as did Rumney No l0 Danny Clark.
Fly-half Morne Steyn, starting in place of axed crowd favourite Derick Hougaard, succeeded with seven of ten place kicks by converting four of the six tries and landing three out of four penalties.
Chester's defence held firm in the early stages of the second half, but as their frustrations grew, so did the penalty count against them, and Johnson extended the home lead with another two successful place kicks, either side of the visitors' best chance when a crossfield kick from Burger was knocked forward by the right wing.
But, they were heavily penalised by referee Keri Evans and Aled Thomas planted three place kicks before half-time to give Newport a two-point cushion at the change-over.
And a holder on place kicks as well, a role they found for him at USC to keep him focused on more than just his anti-shanking technique.
The reason Wales did not reach the final was simply down to missed place kicks and poorly executed drop goal attempts from both James Hook and Stephen Jones.
On snaps for place kicks, Perry has his technique so solid that the football arrives in Kavanaugh's hands in the same position every time and the holder doesn't even have to spin the ball to get the laces facing away from the kicker.
Sexton, 24, came under fire for his ratio of just six successful place kicks out of 16 in three Six Nations games.
Matt Evensen was named Pac-10 player of the week after making all six of his place kicks at Purdue, and Josh Syria has punted just two returnable kicks in three games.