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Antonyms for placable

easily calmed or pacified


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He succeeded in this attempt without much difficulty; for the lady was, as we have already hinted, of a most placable disposition, and greatly loved her brother, though she despised his parts, or rather his little knowledge of the world.
which took place as the coach rolled along lazily by the river side) that though Miss Rebecca Sharp has twice had occasion to thank Heaven, it has been, in the first place, for ridding her of some person whom she hated, and secondly, for enabling her to bring her enemies to some sort of perplexity or confusion; neither of which are very amiable motives for religious gratitude, or such as would be put forward by persons of a kind and placable disposition.
Second, it bestows on the world its historicity since the creative act of the God claims to start the temporality of the world as a concomitant of its reliance on the precariousness of will, and, as well, to unfold its story as something plotted against the placable eternity of the ancients.
In A Briefe and most easie Introduction to the Astrologicall Iudgement of the Starres (1598), for example, Claude Dariot (1533-96) warns that the physician who does not observe "a due and conuenient time for the operation of his medicines and ministring Phisicke" will not succeed, and a good doctor must take careful note of "the Criticall and dangerous days: when the sicknes will be more grieuous and vehement, and when it wilbe more remisse and placable.
216)), and a couple of pages later is entertaining the reader with a description of the charms of the beautiful 'Clarisse', waiting at table 'with a heavy placable nonchalance, like a performing cow' (p.