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a shop where pizzas are made and sold

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Mattie Campbell, 26, of Conifer Crescent, Billingham, was attacked outside Hot Oven pizza shop on Albert Road, Middlesbrough, in the early hours of Wednesday, April 22, following a night out with friends.
An early-morning burglar broke into Antep pizza shop, on Station Road, Ashington, and made off with money from the tills -but this image was caught by the store's CCTV.
Coakley told the License Commission yesterday that police have responded to more than 30 incidents in the past year and a half, at and around the Chandler Street pizza shop.
Thursday, and the man called the pizza shop to protest, which led to Tsujiuchi's arrest.
But investigators have found no evidence that Kourosh ``Eddie'' Ehteshami of Palmdale was involved in producing pornography movies with teen-age girls, as deputies said they were told before they obtained search warrants for his apartment, pizza shop and office.
Two men singled him out in the pizza shop because of his celebrity status, he said.
10pm on May 11, at Picasso's Pizza Shop on Oxbridge Lane.
Defending, Richard Roger said Hamagarib is a Kurd from Northern Iraq who works in a pizza shop on the Quayside.
Deputies obtained an arrest warrant for Kourosh ``Eddie'' Ehteshami and a search warrant for his apartment, pizza shop and office after several Palmdale residents said they believed he was selling methamphetamine to minors and might be involved in child pornography, a Palmdale sheriff's station spokesman said.
Council chiefs have turned down an application for Ramin Rahmati to take over at the Star Pizza shop in Borough Road.
A witness outside saw him running from the restaurant with his skateboard and enter a nearby pizza shop.
A PIZZA shop worker changed under the influence of drugs threatening to kill, a murder jury heard.
If you've ever visited a pizza shop on a busy day, you've probably witnessed the controlled chaos as pizzas are readied for the oven, sliced, thrown into boxes and rushed out the door.
POLICE are appealing for information to help trace a man who made an unprovoked assault on a young man in a pizza shop in Wilson Street, Middlesbrough.
A pizza shop owner is desperate to leave Teesside after enduring a week of abuse which saw his car set on fire and his business raided.