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a shop where pizzas are made and sold

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23am, when the last of the fire crews had left the scene, the pizza shop had been destroyed by the fire.
This is the largest pizza provided by Imperial Pizza shop.
An early-morning burglar broke into Antep pizza shop, on Station Road, Ashington, and made off with money from the tills -but this image was caught by the store's CCTV.
Coakley told the License Commission yesterday that police have responded to more than 30 incidents in the past year and a half, at and around the Chandler Street pizza shop.
Owner Abdullah Saqib outside the pizza shop which was damaged in the blaze.
Thursday, and the man called the pizza shop to protest, which led to Tsujiuchi's arrest.
The fatal attack took place in the King David Pizza Shop in the northeastern area of Toronto, in the heart of the North York section.
But investigators have found no evidence that Kourosh ``Eddie'' Ehteshami of Palmdale was involved in producing pornography movies with teen-age girls, as deputies said they were told before they obtained search warrants for his apartment, pizza shop and office.
Two men singled him out in the pizza shop because of his celebrity status, he said.
It came under the bridge heading up the high street turned left into Errington Street, but went straight into the pizza shop Flames.
Defending, Richard Roger said Hamagarib is a Kurd from Northern Iraq who works in a pizza shop on the Quayside.
Deputies obtained an arrest warrant for Kourosh ``Eddie'' Ehteshami and a search warrant for his apartment, pizza shop and office after several Palmdale residents said they believed he was selling methamphetamine to minors and might be involved in child pornography, a Palmdale sheriff's station spokesman said.
After sticking a note on every home's front door in their delivery area, a pizza shop can expect a response rate as high as 30 percent, he said.
A TEACHER suffered a broken cheekbone after he was knocked unconscious in an unprovoked attack outside a pizza shop.
Matthew Haley, 18, of Palmdale was jailed at the Lancaster sheriff's station on suspicion of robbery and pizza shop employee JonathanHouchins, 19, of Palmdale was held on suspicion of being an accessory to a crime and receiving stolen property.