pizza parlor

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a shop where pizzas are made and sold

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She went all the way around, and it's amazing; she hit one other car and really damaged it and hit another one but didn't damage it as much then swung around and ran into the back end of the pizza parlor.
In a press briefing after the listing ceremonies, SPAVI president Vicente Gregorio said with the expanding middle class in the country, the pizza parlor chain could grow its nationwide network to 250 to 300 in the next three to five years from around 180 at present.
Philip Caulfield, "Atheist Group Attacks Arkansas Pizza Parlor over Church Bulletin Discount," New York Daily News, August 22, 2014, http://www.
A vocal minority of residents live within sight of the pizza parlor and they urged the board to reject the license, saying they feared the establishment would eventually become a barroom.
Developing a version of PAC-MAN that took place in a pizza parlor was an appropriate choice given this fact.
An angry McCon key left the pizza parlor after "the bartender cut him off," then went outside and lit the corner of the building on fire, Gomez said.
Logline: A ``Romeo and Juliet'' redux at its silliest: Kids (Shiri Appleby, Eyal Podell) from rival pizza parlor families fall for one another.
The FAX-JX200 brings renowned Canon quality and reliability to the table, whether that table is in a law office where seeing a signature on the bottom line is essential, or at the corner deli, diner or pizza parlor where receiving orders fast and accurately is key to ongoing customer service success.
A man with a gun robbed a west Eugene pizza parlor Saturday morning, police said.
The man acknowledged he had no experience working in restaurants or in the food industry, but Heguman persuaded a Glendale pizza parlor to file an employment-visa petition on the man's behalf, according to ICE agents.
The Pizza Hut system began in 1958 when brothers Dan and Frank Carney were approached by a family friend with the idea of opening up a pizza parlor.
Selecting the right highway exit or finding a pizza parlor will become increasingly convenient as new mobile phones begin appearing this fall using Avago Technologies' ultra-thin, low-noise amplifier with GPS capabilities.
SPRINGFIELD - Springfield police are searching for a man who robbed a Papa's Pizza Parlor late Friday armed with what appeared to be a shotgun or rifle.
The crash proved a boon for a pizza parlor with a good size dining room a mile from the crash, but the delivery end of business suffered as traffic on local streets came to a halt during the evening rush hour.
The majority of boomers and their financial advisors are unaware that almost any investments, from real estate to a pizza parlor, are permitted IRA investments.