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Italian open pie made of thin bread dough spread with a spiced mixture of e

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9, several popular pizza chains open their doors to pizza lovers all over the Philippines to celebrate the pizza fiesta.
Staff Correspondent- March 27, 2015- Pizza is one kind of fast food item which needs various ingredients to make.
lt;p>Pizza company Pizza Hut on Wednesday launched the new Big Italy Pizza, measuring nearly two feet long, and which is almost bigger than two medium Pizza Hut pizzas.
Pick a bread, any bread: Frozen vegan pizza dough, dry vegan pizza dough mix, ready-to-use (already baked) vegan pizza dough, pita bread, English muffins or scones, French baguettes (crusty French bread) or Italian bread, Kaiser (hard) rolls, burger buns, or Lebanese flat bread.
Want to put a picture of melted cheese on your box even though 90 percent of the "cheese" in your pizza is imitation?
The dessert pizza crust, cherry topping, and icing are vegan.