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the activeness of an energetic personality

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Pizazz, from the makers of Quality Street, are crammed with a variety of sensations and textures from cookies 'n' cream and fudgery crunch to totally nuts.
Teri Wexted is a videogenic international instructor who--in this video--just wants to have fun, and proves it with pizazz in this 86-minute tape.
For added creativity, customers can use the optional BC-09F Neon Ink cartridge to add fluorescent pizazz to banners, greeting cards, calendars and stickers.
They are better than what is there now, but somehow it lacks a little pizazz.
Dunleavy said that before the Clippers met the Grizzlies, and after those words, his team did not come out with much pizazz.
The Art of the Bistro: Paintings by Jennifer Garant: Cool kitchen illustrations and recipes give this calendar pizazz.
I feel that every city we go to play, there's a little more pizazz.
Tasters liked the fresh taste (and no additives) in the two sampled, but found the artichoke sauce could have used more pizazz - and seasoning.
It anchors, but it also adds definition and pizazz to almost any interior.
If you choose to go the route of planting with grasses, you can bring additional pizazz to your slope by inserting, here and there, perennial shade-loving begonias, such as 'Dragon Wing,' as well as coleus, which is grown for its kaleidoscopic foliage.
But it's fresh-cut flowers that make a room and will give your home instant pizazz this holiday season, say floral experts.
In a nutshell: You don't watch something like this for its production pizazz.
Don't think: Cute cut-out animation seems inserted to imbue the proceedings with more pizazz than is actually there.
Try adding a little to salad dressing, sauces, marinades and the like for a little extra pizazz and flavor.
De Rosa instills added pizazz to this office water-cooler saga by personifying the inner being of each character.