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Synonyms for pixie

Synonyms for pixie

(folklore) fairies that are somewhat mischievous

creeping evergreen shrub having narrow overlapping leaves and early white star-shaped flowers

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Small, slight, hobbit-sized even with small pixieish features dominated by huge blue eyes.
We first fell in love with her pixieish charm when she was one half of the pop-rock duo the Murmurs, West Coast favorites with three albums to their credit.
Mariko Jonez, a pixieish DJ and zinc publisher in her early twenties, strives to defy the stereotypes and conventions placed upon her as a person a color within the punk community, while still struggling with a few of her own.
Older photographs have been replaced: in 2000, Rosa Liksom, abandoning her military get-up, looks quite charming, Kal Nieminen is no longer a pixieish youth, Tytti Parras has changed hair color, Hannu Salama's face has expanded.
BARR, an attractive, pixieish woman, followed her then-husband from the theater into the Park Service, not only to be with him, but to be in the parks.
Apart from his slightly pixieish ears, I reckon Peacock is pretty normal.
Although both women are nearly the same age, Phyllis Affrunti, who will dance Giselle next Sunday afternoon, is pixieish and waiflike, while Jennifer Martin, who will dance Saturday night, could pass for an adult in real life.
Jingle, as Dini calls his blond, pixieish starlet, embarks on a journey that takes her to Hollywood for a TV development deal.
Subversively funny and featuring a marvellous turn from Sylvie Testud as the pixieish gangly Amelie, it may direct its barbs at the Nippon corporate landscape but it should easily strike resounding chords with anyone who's ever worked alongside the David Brent's of this world.