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a chest in which coins from the mint are held to await assay

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any receptacle in which wafers for the Eucharist are kept


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Ray Sanders, CEO of Gencom, added: "Broadcast Pix is a fantastic company to work with, because of the personalised support we receive from Dennis Breckenridge in Singapore and his colleagues in the US.
The PIX family now includes the Cisco Secure PIX 506 Firewall, which is specifically designed for small branch offices and the small business market.
Thematically and structurally, too, the play has much more in common with heroic tragedies by men than with those by Pix.
According to Verizon, with VZW Pix customers can access a variety of imagery and wallpapers for further customisation of their mobile phones.
Included in Cisco VMS is the latest release of CSPM, giving customers comprehensive policy-based support for Cisco's PIX Firewall family, IOS routers, VPN and network-based IDS solutions.
We are delighted to unveil PIX to the real estate community at large," said Foster, PIX's President.
Having recently purchased four Sound Devices PIX 240s, from Talamas, O'Connell has firsthand knowledge of the benefits offered by the PIX line.
11 July 2012 a[euro]" US motion and control technologies developer Parker Hannifin Corp (NYSE:PH) announced on Wednesday it had purchased the hydraulics production segment of India-based belts maker PIX Transmissions Ltd (BOM:500333).
Securing your business with CISCO ASA and PIX firewalls.
Pitt's lawyer said the pix - 10 of which appear in the magazine - were taken by a photographer trespassing as the actor and ex-squeeze Gwyneth Paltrow vacationed in the West Indies.
com)-- Given Talamas Broadcast Equipment's ongoing emphasis on providing the latest cutting-edge video and audio technology for their clients, it's only natural they were the first in New England to offer Sound Devices audio gear such as the 788T Twelve-Track Recorder and CL-8 Mixing Control Surface, in addition to their compliment of Sound Devices PIX audio/video recorders.
Cisco PIX firewalls; configure, manage, & troubleshoot.