pivot joint

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a freely moving joint in which movement is limited to rotation

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From prying (most often), to scraping, pounding, poking, picking, slipping locks, turning screws and worse, those same folders bear the brunt of the abuse, breaking pivot joints, loosening, bending, cracking scales, nicking edges and are generally worse for wear.
The dual pivot joint design allows 20-inch extension and easy folding back against the wall.
Since the pivot joint has some finite resistance, part of this current flows through the shunt cable and is sensed by the CT.
The improvement involves mounting the clamp member to the support surface at a pivot joint for pivotal movement of the clamp member with respect to the support surface.
While wireless service is an integral part of the service bundle in countries like Canada and the United Kingdom, the collapse of the Pivot joint venture in the US has put wireless service on the back burner for most US cable operators.