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a metal spike with a hole for a rope

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From the sea, the lush rainforest which cover the nearby Pitons give them the appearance of a green or jade mountain.
HIGH NOTES: The wild Pitons tower over St Lucia and its more refined beaches, below right
With offices in Redmond, Washington and the Silicon Valley, Piton International has its sights on establishing offices in the top twenty five markets of the US within a year.
The source said: "The pitons rise straight up out of the ground and in the valley between them is the Jalousie Hilton.
unlit, unit, ultimo, Hoffman; Dustin 4 Trent; River 3 XV; tulip, topi, toil, point, poilu, piton, pion, Louis 2 Manchester; of University 1 pinto, pint, pilot, opium, omit, moil, mint, milt, lupin, loin, lion, lint, lino, Quiz: limp, limn, into, input, PLUTONIUM tools.
5 million from VostokNafta and Piton Capital, which brought forth the company's total venture capital funding to $8.
Michael Jordan, of Scapegoat Hill, best known for his act High Jinx, had been touring on the Indian Ocean island of Reunion when molten lava began to spew from the Piton de la Fournaise on September 11.
There we danced and drank rum, before returning to the pool for a spontaneous dip and a cool Piton lager.
Last September, Bashar Soft received $2m investments from Swedish Company Vostok New Ventures and British Company Piton Capital, which is the second largest investment acquired by an Egyptian start-up in 2015.
5 million, from the European investment firms Vostok Nafta and Piton Capital, bringing the company's total venture capital funding to $8.
It became possible because of series C funding round led by Vostok Nafta and Piton Capital, bringing the company's total venture funding to $8.
EVENING On to St Lucia and after a family dinner and tucking the kids in, it would be time to enjoy a glass of champagne with the wife under the stars against the stunning backdrop of the Piton mountains.