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Once Rebecca had the honour to pass a few days at Chiswick; after which she brought back Jemima, and erected another doll as Miss Jemmy: for though that honest creature had made and given her jelly and cake enough for three children, and a seven-shilling piece at parting, the girl's sense of ridicule was far stronger than her gratitude, and she sacrificed Miss Jemmy quite as pitilessly as her sister.
The mob vanished in an instant; and after them plunged the horsemen, laying about them with their whips and pitilessly riding down such as were witless enough to keep the road instead of taking to the bush.
He is a good and a great man; but he forgets, pitilessly, the feelings and claims of little people, in pursuing his own large views.
It has pitilessly torn asunder the motley feudal ties that bound man to his "natural superiors," and has left remaining no other nexus between man and man than naked self-interest, than callous "cash payment.
he pronounced pitilessly, and ran to overtake them.
Reverend sir," murmured Caderousse, seeking to regain the window, which the count pitilessly blocked -- "reverend sir, I don't know -- believe me -- I take my oath" --
Your majesty," continued the coadjutor, pitilessly, "is about to take such measures as seem good to you, but I foresee that they will be violent and such as will still further exasperate the rioters.
I fear it even now - I fear any kind friend would tell us we are both deluding ourselves with the idea of keeping up a spiritual intercourse without hope or prospect of anything further - without fostering vain regrets and hurtful aspirations, and feeding thoughts that should be sternly and pitilessly left to perish of inanition.
The civilized man, the enthusiast of advanced humanitarian ideals thirsting for the triumph of spiritual love and political liberty; and the stealthy, primeval savage, pitilessly cunning in the preservation of his freedom from day to day, like a tracked wild beast.
Any aid organisation must be pitilessly intolerant of abuse" Commentator Libby Purves on the Oxfam scandal.
Any aid organisation must be pitilessly intolerant of abuse" - Commentator Libby Purves on the Oxfam scandal.
Defenseless against the absolute power of the Divine State--wielded with demonic fury by fellow atheists and anti-Christian deists--the revolutionists battled for control and pitilessly slaughtered each other.
Summary: Looking at photographs of the ruined, desolate streets of what was once Daesh's (ISIS) capital of Raqqa is a reminder of the overwhelming, pitilessly effective military power of the United States.
He truly praises of nature, shows his endless compassion to the devastated nature and ridicules pitilessly man's pride and conceit activities towards nature.
Our aim has got to be justice for all Daeshs victims: the Sunni and Shia Arabs who are still suffering under its murderous rule; the minorities who have been so pitilessly targeted; the victims elsewhere in the Middle East; and of course those who are maimed and killed in terrorist attacks in Europe and elsewhere, and indeed in this country, here in the United States.