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Synonyms for pitiless

Synonyms for pitiless

having or showing no mercy

Synonyms for pitiless

without mercy or pity

deficient in humane and kindly feelings


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Then she added with a pitiless expression, well aware that she was about to pierce the priest's heart with thousands of red-hot irons,--
So some respectable dodo in the Mauritius might have lorded it in his nest, and discussed the arrival of that shipful of pitiless sailors in want of animal food.
I do not mean that the adult Martians are unnecessarily or intentionally cruel to the young, but theirs is a hard and pitiless struggle for existence upon a dying planet, the natural resources of which have dwindled to a point where the support of each additional life means an added tax upon the community into which it is thrown.
On a slope to the left there was a long row of guns, gruff and maddened, denouncing the enemy, who, down through the woods, were forming for another attack in the pitiless mo- notony of conflicts.
It is known that in the Prince de Conde, the aquiline nose rose out sharply and incisively from a brow slightly retreating, rather low than high, and according to the railers of the court, -- a pitiless race even for genius, -- constituted rather an eagle's beak than a human nose, in the heir of the illustrious princes of the house of Conde.
As a fiasco turns into a desperate rescue mission, Ridley Scott's film recalls the pitiless ferocity of combat classic Full Metal Jacket.
Agnieszka Holland's elegant transcription of the Henry James novel, filmed before as The Heiress, wastes precious little time in getting to the pitiless core of the story.
An election is just two months away that will allow the public to regain control of a pitiless, powerless, inept, incompetent board.
We look to our art magazines to help us in our darkness, to cleanse us and give us succor from the gutters, the shops, the institutions in which every day is a savage, pitiless battle for dominance, pitting consumer against consumer, beast against beast, while the heart is gladdened, senselessly, with the spirit of springtime.
This means killing a pitiless loan shark and her daughter, then watching one of her impoverished clients take the fall.
President Alberto Fujimori has built his political life on an unyielding, avowedly pitiless stand against guerrillas for the violence they promote.
Journalists who are wounded or who die are not simply being caught in the crossfire; they are being purposely targeted by combatants who want the press to go away and let them proceed unimpeded with their ethnic cleansings and their pitiless slaughter.
As a fiasco turns into a desperate rescue, Ridley Scott's film recalls the pitiless ferocity of the combat classic Full Metal Jacket.
He said she had played "a pitiless part" in the crimes.
Copied by Due Date, John Hughes' finest hour is a pitiless comedy of escalating humiliation.