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terseness and economy in writing and speaking achieved by expressing a great deal in just a few words

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JHERE IS AN unfortunate tendency in criticism to assume that pithiness cannot be combined with sophistication.
And, of necessity, such news as arrives during the day must be given with a pithiness that will please many tastes.
The pithiness of his answer was the nearest you'll see to Di Matteo doing an Ian Holloway during a press conference.
One of the masters of the form was Ernest Hemingway, who proved that pithiness can pack a punch.
Schall admires Catholic writers like Josef Pieper for his brevity and Chesterton and Hilaire Belloc for their common-sense pithiness and playfulness.
And that's a shame, because fine performances from Nicolas James (Gerald Croft), Derek Wanley (Eric Birling) and Christine Rye (Sheila Birling) really do give this dry exploration of the social conscience the pathos and pithiness it needs.
As punctilious as this can be, the pithiness of Blaukopf allows the letters, at times, to speak for themselves.
He found it buried deep in his legendary bank of pithiness.
Clark has a flair for pearls of pithiness ("turn procrastination into rehearsal," "prefer archetypes to stereotypes").
Blogs work when they are based on candor, urgency, timeliness, pithiness and controversy," posted Godin.
Indeed, the extraordinary care Hardy took over establishing just the right balance between salt-of-the-earth dialectal pithiness and the everyday language of men (to borrow Wordsworth's phrase), is much in evidence in the manuscript and later editions of Far From the Madding Crowd--this, I can personally vouch for.
Discursive Innovation (Foucault, 1970) as conceptualized here involves words and phrases characterized by relative simplicity, dichotomization, incessant repetition, deceiving metamorphosis, timely pithiness, and a certain societal familiarity.
Its pithiness enacts the distillation that takes place when Longley squeezes expansive Homeric narratives into English verse forms.
In fact, we can explain it along two possible lines: on the one hand, it is normal that in a manual there is an accumulation of not particularly brilliant examples for motives of expositive clarity and of easy memorization; on the other hand, probably the Greeks did not particularly love the pithiness of an "excessive" use of metonymy.
The Laughing Maiden is a model instance of the way the two elements noted by Benkov are applied in the narrative scheme of the romance, whereas the pithiness and the meaning of her words, invest her and her speech with a gnomic aura.