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in a pithy sententious manner

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The diplomatic dispute between China and Japan has worsened after Beijing pithily dismissed Tokyo's concerns about an (http://www.
As my predecessor pithily put it: build peace and reduce poverty.
Jermolaewa captures each interviewee's particularities glancingly yet also atmospherically and pithily, as when a businesswoman who's immigrated to the US proudly displays her fashion collection (Lena B.
Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School, sums this up more pithily than his title might suggest, "People irrationally overvalue benefits they currently possess relative to those they don't.
Instead of waxing eloquent through long chapters of unbroken text, he has divided the book into short, pithily written sections that offer interesting facts and surprising revelations.
Moving fluently from the lost world of ancient biblical texts to modern disasters the speaker presents her predilections however strange pithily (I like to walk in the presence of the dead.
As Chuck Peters, CEO of Gazette Communications, pithily sums up his experience: "I call it The Sewer
Private thoughts centred on the outcome of Doncaster's not exactly pithily named Call Betdirect Free On 0800 211 222 Handicap, due off 85 minutes before New Approach and company were to face the Epsom helter-skelter.
The emperor Claudius is pithily described as a 'portly, twitching, stammering, somewhat debauched intellectual', whilst others like the 'truly disgusting' Augustus are presented to us in new and interesting ways.
Zivi asks-whether compassion offers a useful foundation for democracy, pithily concluding that it is "parasitic on an inequality that it never fully alleviates" (p.
The state to which general internists have been reduced has never been as pithily and accurately described as by Dr.
His works on the church and ministry, such as the pithily titled Ministry and the more evocative The Church with a Human Face (both Crossroad), are marked both by their foresight and their pastoral sensitivity.
My Channel 4 colleague Jim McGrath says pithily that "Alastair follows horses over cliffs" and he may be right as I plan a final imitation of a lemming if Dandy Man reopposes Sakhee's Secret in the Nunthorpe.
Of course it figures prominently in Flannery O'Connor's Wise Blood, which Hoberek pithily describes as a 'story about lost property'.
These fractures are pithily summed up by one early, unidentified correspondent who wrote that Baptists 'seem eager to demonstrate the theorem of infinite divisibility' (p.