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the entrance to a coal mine

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Dennis' photo of Adrian and his dad at the pithead is at the Laing Art Gallery until October 26 as part of Jeremy Deller's All That is Solid Melts into Air exhibition.
One civil servant wrote in a memo: "The law and order problems of coping with pickets, not just at the power stations but also at the pitheads, would be enormous and would arise from the very outset of the strike.
My father was a coal miner who could catch the bus to the pithead but could not catch it back home because he was black with coal dust, there were no baths and to be allowed on the bus meant he would dirty the seats.
When the strike was over part of the 'A' team -Eddie and Joyce Blackburn and I, Chris Carter -went back to the 'Maerdy' to march alongside the miners and their families to the pithead.
different to the regular visits to the pit ponies madly enjoying their summer break at the pithead.
THE local inn next to the village duck pond is a perfect site for the resting place of the pithead winding wheel from the old Baxterley colliery.
Today, with the pithead long since demolished, the land is technically in a "restoration and aftercare phase following closure".
In one of his songs, Max Boyce tells us wistfully that "the pithead baths is a supermarket now".
A separate memorial at Gresford, which includes pithead winding gear, also carries the names of all those who died.
Now the glory days of the pithead pin-ups are being recalled in a new exhibition which opens today at the Woodhorn Museum near Ashington, Northumberland.
The Big Pit museum stands on the edge of Blaenafon and visitors can tour both the Pithead facilities and the underground mines.
It was a typical Durham Colliery Village, quite rural a part from the pithead buildings.
Coal mining stopped at Pooley Hall in 1965 and the pithead lay derelict for 34 years until the county council acquired the 62-hectare site from British Coal on behalf of the local community.