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a lightweight hat worn in tropical countries for protection from the sun

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BEIRUT: A small, bearded man in a pith helmet stands in the midst of the bush.
Formerly known as the Empire Games the whole sorry event conjures up images of pith helmet wearing Englishman giving the 'fuzzy-wuzzys' a damned good thrashing.
Floyd Shields himself, in a pith helmet, brandishing giant male and female date blossoms.
Newcastle Falcons centre Dillon has put down the rugby ball, picked up the Pith helmet and headed to deepest, darkest Tanzania in search of big game.
William Blake sahib, the colonial administrator, sipping his gin and tonic with his pith helmet on?
I'm with you over Ken Brown though, even though, as a player, he was so slow his group usually needed a pith helmet round about the 16th
Travis Parker, a black-and-white image of a blandly handsome young man in a pith helmet and textured dress shirt, calls to mind Banana Republic's safari-inflected late-'80s men's line--but the mid-range tones of the image more closely resemble the gray scale identified with Calvin Klein.
SEC Chairman Chris Cox said that investors "should not need a machete and a pith helmet to go hunting for what the CEO makes.
Sadly the illusion didn't last beyond the borders of Rubery, but in that small space the 'proper' sweet shop is alive and well and only by donning pith helmet and venturing there on an afternoon safari will you learn the mysterious contents of the deluxe 40p mix.
Grab your pith helmet to explore the sights, sounds, animals and cultures of a semi-tropical rainforest at Asheville's Family Health & Science Museum
It's not even the sight of whoever the duty hypocrite in the NIO pith helmet is.
Grant counters: "A happy ending justifies everything," as he sits astride a wedding ice sculpture, dressed in a pith helmet a la Gunga Din.
There are some surprises here, too, like a pith helmet and assorted pairs of chiefs' sandals, all covered in fine gold leaf.