pith hat

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a lightweight hat worn in tropical countries for protection from the sun

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Don, who died earlier this month aged 70, had asked to be laid to rest with the huge pith hat he wore in the 1970s TV comedy series.
In the double living room area under a wide canvas tent, you are surrounded by Persian rugs, wooden travel chests, pith hats, zebra hides and animal trophy heads.
The City of Helsinki Agency competitive bidding exercise to the Agency a total of five (5) product suppliers, from whom the Sports Department comes to order as needed during the contract period the following products - T-Shirts (Model for men and women)- Lippahatut,- Lanyard,- Reflectors,- Verkkaripuvut (Model for men and women)- Light shorts,- capri,- Sweatshirts / hoodies,- Pith hats,- sunglasses,- Caps (winter and mid-season beanie)- Pens.
Other main lines were pith hats and pork pie Trilby hats.