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Synonyms for pith

Synonyms for pith

soft spongelike central cylinder of the stems of most flowering plants

remove the pith from (a plant)

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Furthermore, chemical structure of I3-APS and the modification effect of this aminofunctional silane coupling agent on the surface of coconut pith and adsorption of Au(III) ions is shown in Fig.
Just as the spice islands of the Moluccas had an impact on history far beyond their size, Pointy Shoes and Pith Helmets should not only appeal to specialists of Ambonese or Indonesian history, but to all scholars fascinated with dress systems or sartorial hierarchies in colonial or multicultural contexts.
21%) and stem pith (and rind) had the lowest P content (0.
Table 2 shows the mean values of coefficient of variance (COV) in BD between core (0 to 6 cm from the pith) and outer (more than 6 cm from the pith to the bark) sections.
Much amount of sugarcane pith is produced annually in the world including Iran.
Damage type Tree species No damage (%) Color defect in pith (%) Silver birch 25.
The backcrossed seed from the solider and more fertile plants were increased in a growth cabinet and scored for pith development.
l 125g cooked beetroot, cut into wedges; 220g carrots, cut into chunks; 2 oranges, halved, peel and pith removed l 1 mango, peeled, stoned and sliced; 1 pineapple, peeled, decored and sliced; 1 pink grapefruit, quartered, peel and pith removed l 4 kiwis, peeled; 100g green, seedless grapes; 3 apples, cored and chopped
Cruella's citrus cocktail PARE the rind from two washed oranges and one lemon leaving the pith behind.
The presenter interviewed contestants and introduced games wearing only a pith helmet.
Her cool contains the pith of nineties sensibilities that Raphael strives to capture elsewhere.
It rights the defects of Donald Miller's chatterbox biography of 1989 by drawing out from Mumford's oeuvre the pith of his thought about building, planning and society.
Scrape away the seeds and the stringy, fibrous pulp or pith.
And by reversing the direction of juice flow through the column, the researchers have overcome clogging by pith and other solids that cloud unfiltered juice.