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Synonyms for pitchy

of the darkest achromatic visual value

Synonyms for pitchy

of the blackest black

having the characteristics of pitch or tar

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I have had good success with windproof storm matches, and I include a fire starter--chemical charcoal lighter, and pitchy sawdust or similar guaranteed-flammable products.
And I remember now my favorite stream: narrow, pitchy, swift,
Robinson's own slightly pitchy delivery only makes the juxtaposition more endearing--in the face of his digital creation, he's the one that's flawed.
The usually spot-on performer was a bit pitchy and slightly off-key during the opener.
En Jamaique, le carnaval qui debuta avec le Roots Jonkonnu au sein duquel on comptait Cowhead, Pitchy Patchy, Devil, Warrior, Indian, s'accrut par l'addition de nouveaux personnages issus des << Fancy Dress >>--le roi, la reine, la jeune fille (Flower Girl)--ou representatifs de la societe en evolution--le Capitaine, l'agent de police, la femme enceinte .
I put my hand fearfully upon it--it was a sort of unctuous pitchy cinder.
8 length of frons, lateral margins with narrow silver pruinose fascia (adjacent to eye margin), slightly wider at antennal insertions; posterior orbital seta moderately strong, slightly longer than outer vertical seta; antennal scape and pedicel brown-grey pruinose, flagellomere 1 yellow pruinose basally, pitchy brown, grey pruinose apically, arista with 8 or 9 long dorsal branches and 3 or 4 ventral branches in addition to terminal fork; lunula yellow-grey pruinose; face with narrow silver fascia (adjacent to eye margin); occiput grey pruinose; gena narrow, eye height/genal height ratio: 10:1 (HT), silver pruinose throughout, very slightly darker beyond basal angle; palpus pale brown, brown microtrichose.
A pitchy fraction, consisting of more than 50 various organic compounds and heavy metals, is formed during the technological process as waste.
But on February 17, 1898, Marie tested a sample of the heavy, black pitchy mineral compound known as pitchblende, which produced a current far stronger than that produced by uranium.
They don't want to follow you, they don't want to interact with you, and they don't really trust you either because it comes off as sales pitchy as opposed to 'Oh this person actually has something cool and valuable to offer me.
Called eCoMove (NOTE--SPELLING IS CORRECT), an unusually apt and pitchy acronym for an EU research project, it involves researchers from Ford, Fiat, Volvo and others.
Shakespeare does so not only in Richard III but also in Venus and Adonis, where "the merciless and pitchy night" did "Fold in" Adonis, obscuring him from Venus's sight (821-82), and in The Rape of Lucrece, where Tarquin's crime is "folded up in blind concealing night" (675).
It should be noted that two pitchy concrete samples had also the lowest water absorption values.
To add to our difficulties, the sky clouded over and pitchy blackness settled down.