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Synonyms for pitchy

of the darkest achromatic visual value

Synonyms for pitchy

of the blackest black

having the characteristics of pitch or tar

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1450 m2 of road fastening milling pitchy, 125 t of pitched road fastening, 1550 m2 of asphalt surface layer, 1100 m2 of road fastening milling asbestos, 120 tons of asbestos-containing road fastening, 1100 m2 of mastic asphalt
The men with their huge muslin turbans, bare scraggy shin bones, and colored garments; the women with their flashing eyes, long disheveled pitchy hair, with their half-covered, well-formed figures, and their keen inquisitive glances; the children with their meagre (sic), intelligent, cute and numerous (sic) countenances mounted on bodies of unconscionable fragility were all evidently beings of a different race and kind to any we have yet seen in either Africa or England.
Oil shale in China is mainly black to grayish black, black to gray brown or gray to dark gray, usually with a dull or pitchy luster, or greasy appearance.
In the postwar US, this interest seemed to accelerate, with a group of artists employing pitchy strokes, among them Adolph Gottlieb, Franz Kline, Norman Lewis, Jackson Pollock, Barnett Newman, Louise Nevelson, and--most crucially--Ad Reinhardt.
She apologized for her language during the live show, but she refused to memorialize Michael, 53, at the time of his death, with a pitchy performance.
He is shy or at least reluctant to get out there to shake a hand and kiss a baby because he doesn't want to come across as pitchy or salesy.
Will no flame, No heat of sin make thy just wrath to boil In thy distempered bosom, and o'erflow The pitchy blazes of impiety Kindled beneath thy throne?
Moussavi expressed the hope that the opening of FNA's regional bureau in Bishkek would pave the way for broadening of Iran-Kyrgyzstan relations, and said, "Unfortunately our countries are portrayed as pitchy by the western media and we only receive negative news about the regional countries through them.
While the sea shanties are melodious and soothing to the ears, celebratory songs are loud and pitchy with a lot of importance given to sounds produced vocally and from string instruments.
My advice is, don't go in to a financial planner with the pitchy kind of an attitude," Falvey says.
Opening number Omi God You Guys, while a huge ball of foot-tapping fun, was slightly pitchy but from then on in the ensemble got into their stride.
And I remember now my favorite stream: narrow, pitchy, swift,
I have had good success with windproof storm matches, and I include a fire starter--chemical charcoal lighter, and pitchy sawdust or similar guaranteed-flammable products.
There east may searching tourist trace The pitchy entrails of the place, Which glow upon the cotter's hearth, (63)
After the immersion, a soul rises "far more brilliant and beautiful than when he fell into the foaming and pitchy river.