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Synonyms for pitchman

an aggressive salesman who uses a fast line of talk to sell something

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someone who travels about selling his wares (as on the streets or at carnivals)

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Square One Entertainment produced the commercial for the product, which stars TV personality and pitchman Vince Offer.
The infomercial (60 and 120 second spots) brings back the Red Stripe Ambassador, the tireless pitchman, and introduces Jimmy, his new deadpan sidekick.
The name Johnnie Cochran will most likely always be linked to that of former pro football player and pitchman O.
For example, when it released its first CD, The Good-life--featuring rapper and company pitchman LL Cool J--a red baseball cap with the FUBU logo graced its cover.
By tying federal highway dollars to state drinking ages, a policy that then--Transportation Secretary Elizabeth Dole- whose Viagra pitchman husband Bob was last seen pursuing his own pleasure by ogling Britney Spears in a Pepsi commercial--considers among her very greatest contributions as a public servant.
ad, a reported one-year pact with Reebok footwear, an Aztek SUV that ties him into Pontiac's ubiquitous ad campaign--plus a powerful Hollywood rep, Creative Artists Agency, determined to find Hatch even more outlets, both as a pitchman and as a personality.
Ronald Reagan, former pitchman for General Electric's all-electric kitchen, rose to the presidency arguing that America did not conserve its way to greatness.
It's in there," shouted the TV pitchman in the Italian spaghetti sauce commercial a few years ago.
Optimist and pitchman, Johnny Appleseed and the Pied Piper, this passionate tree planter is out to green up the world.
The catch is that all of the characters are played by a single actor, Orabrush's well-known pitchman, Austin Craig, "The Orabrush Guy.
18, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- The Ronco brand announced today a partnership with well known television pitchman Marc Gill.
A team of OxiClean Umpires, including Posada and OxiClean pitchman Anthony Sullivan, will select the grand prize-winning organization.
The golfer was once the most sought-after pitchman in sports.
If the DE moved in to tackle the dive back, the QB would keep the ball and option the corner with the trailing fullback as the pitchman.
your phone is probably ringing right now with an eager pitchman on the other end.