pitching wedge

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a wedge used to loft the golf ball over obstacles

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The reaction by both amateurs and PGA professionals on tour to the PSP Golf irons and new pitching wedge has been phenomenal," said Dan Bonomo, the founder of PSP Golf.
Ballesteros was directly behind a swimming pool wall, but hit a pitching wedge over the wall and between overhanging branches to the fringe of the last green and chipped in for birdie.
Then my pitching wedge shot landed past the hole and spun back into it.
There's a putter to putt the ball on the smooth surface of the green, and even a pitching wedge to pitch the ball out of those pesky sand traps.
On 17 I had my pitching wedge in control, and that's where I felt most comfortable,'' she said.
Traditional-looking but heavy on game-improvement help (like a cavity-back in the 3- through 6-irons), the 7-iron through pitching wedge features a "Power Bar" that complements the cavity for more control.
He asked if I thought he could hit a pitching wedge that far, and my reply was that nobody could hit a pitching wedge that far.
Sedgwick's strike from just inside the penalty area could not have been played better with a pitching wedge.
Reed pulled a pitching wedge from his bag and gave it a few waggles.
LARRY MIZE: Pitching wedge to par four 11th at Augusta, US Masters 1987
They were in separate games and playing to a difficult temporary green, Frank scored his ace with a pitching wedge, while Ken covered the 100 yards with a sand wedge.
The pitching wedge is used to hit short, high shots onto the green.
Late 1800's - first golf wedge played was the pitching wedge, also known as a "jigger"
Mike Calnan, on the 127-yard 15th hole, using a pitching wedge.
Your short irons and wedges, including the sand wedge, pitching wedge, nine iron and eight iron need to have a ball position near the centre of your stance.