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replacing a pitcher in baseball

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Lester's uniform was hanging in his locker as the Boston clubhouse emptied on Tuesday night, and his personal belongings were all in place, but the spot seemed almost like a museum display after Farrell announced the pitching change.
During the 2013 MLB season, Sartori made a special donation to the MACC Fund in conjunction with the first Brewers pitching change of every game.
After a pitching change, Michael Bass grounded into a game-ending double play.
As he returned to the Dodgers' dugout following his only mid-inning pitching change, he received such a rousing ovation from an otherwise-hostile crowd that he felt compelled to wave his hand, then tip his cap.
Cody Smith was hit by a pitch two batters later, which resulted in a Barnstable pitching change.
In conjunction with the first Brewers pitching change of every game this season, the award winning cheese company has pledged to make a special donation to the MACC Fund.
Sparky then signals, like a coach making a pitching change, for a relief grater from his serving station.
After a Volcanoes pitching change, Burke grounded out to first to score Baltz, the Kallunki singled home Martinez before O'Dowd and Carmon hit back-to-back RBI triples to give Eugene four RBIs in four at-bats and a 6-1 lead.
Sartori will have a rotation of :30 second radio spots which will be aired during each pitching change.
Still, the over-under on how many times the TV will show Little's walk to the mound in the 2003 Red Sox-Yankees ALCS series is 34, or every time this month that the Dodgers manager looks like he's thinking about a pitching change.
Above (from left) shortstop Gould, sophomore second baseman Alex Thomas and eighth-grade first baseman Alec Tata wait out a pitching change.
The Ducks led 7-1 after four, when Moore hit three batters and walked another to prompt a pitching change.
In addition to the text messaging contest, Cingular also sponsors the YES Network's "Call to the Bullpen" feature each time a pitching change is made during each game.
We think it's more along the lines of a pitching change, with a savvy manager and a shrewd front office looking beyond one particular game or series toward the larger goal of making the playoffs down the road.