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Synonyms for pitching

(baseball) playing the position of pitcher on a baseball team

abrupt up-and-down motion (as caused by a ship or other conveyance)

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Thus sunken, and seen in remote perspective, they appeared far less formidable than the huge iron bulk in whose wake the steamer was pitching so helplessly.
Directing the pitching of the chair in an affable and easy manner, Mr.
That accounts for your pitching your voice so high.
A dozen dead and dying men rolled hither and thither upon the pitching deck, the living intermingled with the dead.
He had arrived in a quarrelsome mood, pitching into everyone he came across, and talking about all sorts and kinds of subjects in the most unexpected manner, so that it was impossible to discover what it was that was really putting him out.
Far away was a pilot boat with a big sail bearing dim black letters, and a little pinkish-yellow light, and it was rolling and pitching, rolling and pitching in a gale, while he could feel no wind at, all.
Toast from the bread-fruit-tree," I said, "which (as you both remarked simultaneously) bears two and sometimes three crops in a year, and also affords a serviceable gum for the pitching of canoes.
I cannot chance pitching them into the ocean with him.
So sleepily helpless was I that she was compelled to hold me in my chair to prevent my being flung to the floor by the violent pitching of the schooner.
The Ghost, at the moment, was uptossed on a sea, and I caught a clear view of a small steamship two or three miles away, rolling and pitching, head on to the sea, as it steamed toward us.
Ecod, sir, he was Pitching into our people the other day in the most tremendous manner.
Baserunners and runs are at a premium against good pitching, and so it is important for an offense to be able to move baserunners by means other than base hits.
Back on April 17, in a game on FSN Prime Ticket when Maddux, visiting with the Cubs, three-hit the Dodgers in a pitching clinic to victory, Scully, announcing the starters, alerted fans, ``We might have a dandy.
Santa Clarita private pitching instructor Jim Wagner, a former pitcher at California State University, Northridge, and former police officer in Glendale, has his pupils prepared, healthy and ahead of the game before they even step on the mound.
I think that when young pitchers hear this concept, they tend to adjust their motions to finish in a certain way--often to the detriment of their overall pitching motion.