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(baseball) playing the position of pitcher on a baseball team

abrupt up-and-down motion (as caused by a ship or other conveyance)

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However, many women aren't natural self-promoters, and a lack of pitching skills holds many women back.
In trials using high-speed photography and balls marked with reflective tape, Alaways and Hubbard collected data from pitches thrown by a pitching machine.
With Jered Weaver, a former standout at Long Beach State University and a starting pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim gracing the cover, MVP 07 NCAA Baseball introduces Rock and Fire pitching, an innovative new pitching mechanic.
As you can see, linear pitching keeps the pitcher balanced throughout his motion, rather than spinning off and rotating away from the target.
The biggest challenge is the pitching,'' Patison said.
The pitching tool I will describe is the use of the pole show in the photos.
OTC BB:SOCR), a leader in high volume document processing systems and information management solutions, today announced that the Company's Manufacturing Services Division has received an order to manufacture video pitching systems from ProBatter Sports, LLC, based in Norwalk, Connecticut.
But it was in pitching out of that sixth-inning jam and preserving a 3-1 Dodgers lead that Lowe was at his finest.
On a ball in the dirt to your throwing arm side, push off your left foot and drive the right knee and shoulder around the ball, with the shoulders slightly off-centered to the pitching rubber.
Mills says that this year dozens of former big league pitching prospects, some previously high draft picks, will be released because these self-inflicted mind games simply cause excessive stress.
3) Dan Haren gave up eight hits, but gave up only one run in pitching the Oakland A's to victory.
Small high school baseball coaches with a limited number of players who can pitch, or inexperienced coaches with just a faint knowledge of pitching, will reveal their shortcomings when they begin yelling at pitchers who are having trouble throwing strikes.
Hundreds of fans are pitching in and submitting names for the special baseball that will be used in the ceremonial first pitch on Opening Day at Pacific Bell Park.