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shaped in the form of a pitcher

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To test this hypothesis, I aim to develop a model system for carnivorous plants based on Utricularia gibba (humped bladderwort), which has the advantage of having one of the smallest genomes known in plants (~2/3 the size of the Arabidopsis genome) and small transparent pitcher-shaped leaves amenable to imaging.
Once established the shrub provides garden interest for at least three months from the end of March, firstly smothered in drooping bunches of small, white pitcher-shaped flowers, not unlike lily-of-the-valley, followed by crimson young growths, fading to crimson pink, through pale yellow, to chlorotic green, turning deep green by early summer.
The two species are easy to distinguish on the basis of the following characters: (i) pistillate flower, the calyx is cup-shaped and much shorter than the corolla in Astrocaryum ulei; it is pitcher-shaped and longer than the corolla in A.
They absorb nutrients from ants or other little animals that slip into their pitcher-shaped leaves and drown in the liquid at the bottom.
The pitcher-shaped leaves are both photosynthetic and serve as pitfall traps for insects.