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Biologists have observed that pitcher plants "have pretty lousy traps," says Ulrike Bauer of the University of Bristol in England.
The green pitcher plant is considered critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, and both plants are on the federal endangered species list.
Other hardy sarracenias include Sarracenia flava, the elegant yellow pitcher plant, and Sarracenia leucophylla, the white trumpet, which has exquisite white markings at the top of the pitcher.
Their inspiration comes from a different natural source--Nepenthes pitcher plants, which have a textured surface that retains an intermediary liquid that acts as the repellent surface.
Some of the most extreme examples in biology can provide the most amazing and unexpected ideas, and what's so significant about the pitcher plant is that it gives us a blueprint for a single surface that is capable of repelling any type of accumulated unwanted material," said Aizenberg, who is also the Susan S.
I'm not sure I ought to admit this really, it's rather vain, but I've had a pitcher plant named after me - Nepenthes attenboroughii - and I have one of the few plants in captivity.
It's breathtaking to watch as sped-up footage reveals a creeper literally lasso itself onto a nearby leaf, while the 3D effects allow you to almost sit inside a pitcher plant and fearfully look on as it devours an insect.
Sped-up footage reveals a creeper lasso itself onto a nearby leaf, while the 3D effects allow you to almost sit inside a pitcher plant and look on as it devours an insect.
Then there's the pitcher plant, brimming with nectar that smells seductively of fruit but instantly dissolves its curious victims into a soup of nutrients.
The Northern Coasts and sand dunes are geologically renowned and support a wealth of coastal and tropical heathland species such as banksia, grevillea, tea-tree and the carnivorous pitcher plant.
Another welcome addition is some sarracenias; these are a type of American pitcher plant which fascinates me.
This little beast, called the Hardwicke's woolly bat, likes to curl up smaller than an iPod and snooze in comforting leaves of a carnivorous plant called a pitcher plant.
The physical and chemical characteristics of pitcher plant leaf fluid, or phytotelm, influence the phytotelm inhabitants, which in turn affect plant fitness.
He also travels to Bako National Park in Sarawak to look for an elusive pitcher plant, before travelling back to the UK to put his design together.