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Pitcher plant midges and mosquitoes: a processing chain commensalism.
A higher rate of insect escape from models and traps is unlikely because a very high rate of insect escape has been reported in a related species of pitcher plant, Sarracenia purpurea, in which fewer than 1% of potential prey were captured (Newell and Nastase, 1998).
There were also 45 flesh flies, Fletcherimyia spp, in the harvested leaves; flesh flies are not prey but instead use the pitcher plant leaves as an aquatic habitat for their larvae (Miller and Kneitel, 2005).
The pitcher plant has jug-shaped leaves with an open lid on top.
These include the tropical pitcher plants, many of them tree-dwelling vines, and with pitchers so large and sinister-looking that they have enthralled Western botanists for centuries.
Pitcher plants trap insects by luring them with sweet smelling nectar in their pitchers (leaves).
The plants include Cedar (Thuja species), African marigold, French marigold, Ageratum, Cinnamon basil (Niazboo), Karonda, Muraya exotica, Clove tree, Lemmon balm, Thyme (Janglipodina), Peppermint, Rosemary, Lemmon grass, Lavender, Garlic, Floss flower, Eucalyptus, Pitcher plant, Fern, Lantana camara and mostly medicinal plants.
There are wonderful flowers, including some 300 species of orchids and a unique species of the carnivorous pitcher plant.
The spectacular and unique pitcher plant (Sarracenia purpurea) is our sole representative species belonging to the pitfall trap family.
Carnivorous pitcher plant traps rarely catch much, but their lackadaisical hunting turns out not to be so lame after all.
Nature's own model for this approach is the notorious pitcher plant, which coats its interior lining in a similar way to create a slippery slope trapping insects that fall in.
Conservation actions include regular burning of the pitcher plant wetland habitat essential for this species as well as limiting timber harvest and restriction of recreational vehicles in the dry season.
Between the deck and my kitchen, I have a dozen varieties of succulents, a 15-year-old geranium, a pitcher plant, some orchids, two spider plants, and some air plants and staghorn ferns scattered around.
He is accused of importing two endangered species - two canebrake pitcher plants and one green pitcher plant - without the correct permits.
These pitcher plants are among the hardiest, especially Sarracenia purpurea, the purple pitcher plant.