pitcher's mound

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(baseball) the slight elevation on which the pitcher stands

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Then when things get sufficiently out of control, the umpires could have them square off at the pitcher's mound surrounded by a circle of teammates to cheer them on, with fans at the park and at home getting a perfect view of the slugfest.
Yet Gibson's Last Stand is more than just the life story of an athlete; it tells of an era when dramatic changes were happening to baseball--the strike zone shrank, the pitcher's mound lowered, and even the traditional animosity between hitter and pitcher became softened.
From the pitcher's mound to the sties pitches, Massey Knakal Realty Services chairman Bob Knakal nearly had a career in the Major Leagues.
As he threw a strike to John Lackey, Wilhite was surrounded on the pitcher's mound by the Stewart and Pearson families.
After wearing well-worn denims to the pitcher's mound when he started a baseball All-Stars game last week, he said in a US TV interview: "I hate to shop.
He tries to make out with the host family hottie after prayer meetings, continually eats French toast at the local diner until he learns the English for "huevos" and climbs the pitcher's mound everyday with the dedication of Moses.
Establish a home base, a pitcher's mound, and a first base about 30 running steps from home.
Asher had many good hits and amazing catches, but Rabbi Harvey only hit the ball as far as the pitcher's mound and didn't catch the ball.
The climax of the story is when May gets the keys to her father's car, a Firebird, and the three girls take his ashes from Phillie to Baltimore, on a mission to scatter their father's remains on the pitcher's mound at Camden Yards.
Physically, he's the plane, and the pitcher's mound is the landing strip.
The relative obscurity in which the Murphy Brothers have long resided (1 am a lifelong baseball fanatic and their story was all news to me) is hard to understand once you have finished this eloquent and highly readable account of all the innovations for which the two were responsible: irrigation techniques to enhance the green zone of fair play; the elevation of the pitcher's mound to create a distinct parameter for offensive play; the demarcation of foul territory; the development of tarps to protect the field from weather; and supremely given the early days and the hazards from fire, enhancing the fireproofing of playing fields.
Rader took to the pitcher's mound and threw out a pre-game first pitch to his battery mate and friend, Joseph P.
They're a boot, they're a wellie, they'll help you on the pitcher's mound.
The playwright and actor had been left on this grand stage without any lines, stranded on a dais constructed over the pitcher's mound in front of thousands of spectators.