pitched battle

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a fierce battle fought in close combat between troops in predetermined positions at a chosen time and place

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Therefore I shall fight no pitched battles, my dear Planchet," said the Gascon, laughing.
Yet ten years before, when there were no unions in Packingtown, there was a strike, and national troops had to be called, and there were pitched battles fought at night, by the light of blazing freight trains.
In nineteen pitched battles was I; in six- and-forty skirmishes of horse; and in small affairs without number.
Six times the Italian Government tried to dislodge him, and was defeated in six pitched battles as if by Napoleon.
A pitched battle between Afghan troops and the Taliban in Faryab Province led to the destruction of power lines bringing in electricity from Turkmenistan, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reported March 5.
Summary: Rebels in the province of Hama have denied reports that they committed a massacre in an Alawite village, saying they killed only adult combatants in a pitched battle.
INMATES at Guantanamo Bay have fought a pitched battle with guards.
Whitman (comparative and foreign law, Yale Law School) argues that the limited, one-day battles of the 17th century were more successful than modern wars at settling political disputes because they were considered a type of legitimate legal proceeding with binding results for both sides, and because staging a pitched battle was a way of sparing society the horrors of worse forms of warfare.
Yildirim visited the mausoleum of Sultan Murat I who was killed during the First Kosovo Pitched Battle and later prayed at the Yildirim Mosque along with Kosovan Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning Mahir Yagcilar.
Which was the last pitched battle to be fought on British soil?
But it seems that Thursday's event at Stoke's Britannia Stadium almost ended in a pitched battle over the decision to deny the Villa man top prize.
His comments came as explosions and flares from the pitched battle on its northern fringes illuminated the sky above Gaza, where Israeli tanks, helicopters and artillery fought to dislodge Hamas guerrillas.
But the junior Olympic-size pool in this Valencia neighborhood has become the center of a pitched battle over whether the Northpark Sharks, a children's swim team, can use the facility.
In August police officers were injured when up to 50 youths and adults fought a pitched battle in the park.
Foresters in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana have been fighting a pitched battle against the voracious Asian green-winged beetle, whose larvae feed on the inner bark of green, white, blue and black ash trees.