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a mineral consisting of uranium oxide and trace amounts of radium and thorium and polonium and lead and helium

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Marie meanwhile took on the herculean task of isolating radium from pitchblende.
Collecting crystals is a popular Swiss hobby, and many displays include minerals -- such as zircon, coffinite, carnotite, monazite, brannerite, titanite and pitchblende -- containing radon-emitting uranium or thorium.
Trenching has exposed uranium mineralization occurring as veins and pockets of pitchblende.
Pitchblende is the principal source of which two radioactive elements?
46 holes drilled this winter with 37 successfully encountering anomalous radioactivity with associated massive and disseminated pitchblende mineralization (overall 80% success ratio of intersecting mineralization);
The degree of radioactivity within the mineralized intervals is normally variable and associated with visible pitchblende mineralization.
ThePattersonLakecorridor is the same conductive trend along which the Fission/Alpha joint venture has intersected anomalous radioactivity, most notably the 6 metres of massive pitchblende in drill hole PLS12-022 (Fission Energy press release of November 5, 2012).
0 metre wide interval of high grade mineralization with visible massive pitchblende in veins (up to 21 centimetres wide), blebs and0x20 flecks.
Subsequent work on the property in 1979 and 1980 by Bonn Energy Corporation resulted in the discovery of pitchblende mineralization in veins associated with fault structures.
There is clear observation of late-replacement pitchblende mineralization in vein zones, fractures and as disseminations in host rocks at uranium grades exceeding 60% U[sub.
Uranium oxide was first isolated by the German chemist Martin Klaproth in 1789 from the mineral pitchblende.
Prospecting discovered a pitchblende veinlet in a diabase dyke (grab sample result of 3.
These latter stream boulders are mineralized with stringer pitchblende uranium mineralization, with values up to 1.
The mineralization on this property consists of pitchblende, uraninite and brannerite with minor chalcopyrite, pyrite and pyrrhotite as well as native Selenium.
At this location, a N-S trending sulphidic pelite is mineralized by E-W trending veinlets of pitchblende uranium mineralization, accompanied by chloritic and sericite alteration.