pitch pipe

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a small pipe sounding a tone of standard frequency

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Traditionally, music and politics were closely related in feudal China since the Chinese believed that the legitimacy of every dynasty relied on the precise calculation of the pitch pipe huangzhong ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], yellow bell), the fundamental pitch which determined the measurements for length, capacity, and weight.
the three would sound a single note on a pitch pipe and bang two sticks known as claves together once every four minutes to mark the death of another war victim.
It's well nigh impossible tohear thenote from the conductor's pitch pipe.
No," Perlman replies, tucking in the strap as Greenberg fishes a pitch pipe from her pocket and blows.
Made of mirror-polished stainless steel, the teapot featured two pitch pipe whistlers designed to sound like a diesel train.
provided the pitch pipe, and the women launched into song, swaying and smiling.
You can't stick a piano in your pocket the way you can a pitch pipe, but if you have one around, it can be handy to tune to.