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They come to the conclusion that pitch contour was a less important quantity cue then, while the syllable duration ratios have not changed over time.
It supplies further confirmation for the relevance of the pitch cue and a more detailed definition of the pitch contours involved in signaling Q3.
This pitch contour indicates that the speaker regards the information thus marked as of questionable relevance or appropriateness.
Although this repetition of pitch contour might be expected because of the repetitious nature of the poem, he does not always place the pitch accent on the same syllable.
Toward the end of Figures 1 and 2 the pitch contour is poor or incomplete.
In Gielgud 1 the rising-falling pitch contour juts out on "men," cuing a stress that is stronger than the preceding one and, indeed, metric fluency is felt to be damaged.
Instead, we find that the pitch contour (intonation) in these languages signals a wide range of other functions.
6) In recent years, research has focused increasingly on the alignment of pitch contour turning points with the segmental string, and have found that pitch accents appear to be aligned in a relatively specific and stable manner, allowing little room for paralinguistic variation.
Another study (Weltens & de Bot, 1984) with Dutch learners of English found that the duration of feedback delay, that is, the period of time between the speech signal and pitch contour display (40 ms.
Evaluate the use in FL prosody training of computerized feedback in the form of visual pitch contour displays in real time through a pretest-posttest experimental design and 3 weeks of training.
Furthermore, the focus exponent is not realized by a kind of standardized pitch contour as many semanticians assume.
There is considerable variation among the speakers in the usage of the distinct pitch contours and also a variation by gender (see Figure 6).
Analyses of "dances of well-being" elucidate a shared sense of time and the shaping of jointly created pitch contours.
The technology offers a graphic presentation of various rated features such as pitch contours, note segmentation and vibrato, thereby assisting the user to improve their vocal technique.
Let us look at the pitch contours of two short examples of this kind and a spectrogram of one of them, as pronounced by one of our female speakers, N (for details on informants and corpora, see Appendix A).